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Caring for Your Painted Walls

A wall with high-quality painting will always be more pleasing to lay eyes on than a dusty, dirty, or dull – looking wall, therefore, you should know how to properly take care of the walls in your office. After all, your business represents you as an individual. Additionally, a painted wall properly cared for will last longer than a wall that is neglected.


  • Furniture placed against the wall could leave ugly marks. It is hard to maintain the office furniture at least an inch away from the painted wall at all times, so the best that you can do to avoid these marks is to attach rubber bumpers on the backs of your furniture placed directly against the wall.


  • Use vacuums to clean your walls. Most of the time, we only notice the accumulated dust on our walls when they become cobwebs or dirty smudges. Vacuums are excellent in getting rid of dust that would ordinarily be hard for us to miss. Use a soft vacuum brush to make sure your wall won’t be damaged.


  • Wipe your painted walls regularly with soft, damp cloth or damp sponge – don’t wait until you see stains on your walls.


  • If the business you own involves a busy kitchen area, make sure to remove grease and other germs from the walls by wiping them down with a sponge and warm, soapy water. Afterward, rinse the walls thoroughly with water – otherwise, your walls will become sticky. Once rinsed, dry the walls using a paper towel or a soft, dry cloth.


  • Don’t go trying harsh chemicals to remove stains. When you notice a stain on your wall, avoid applying harsh products such as trisodium phosphate – these could harm your walls. Test the product first on a hidden area to ensure that it is safe to be used. Use the chemical sparingly.

Signs That it is Time To Repaint Your Walls

Taking care of your business doesn’t only mean taking care of your profits and taking care of your employees, it also entails taking care of your place of business.


Among the things you should watch out for are the telltale signs that your office walls are in need of a fresh paint job; especially if you have been in the business for a long time, and your office building was built more than five years ago.


Generally, interior painting should last for around five to ten years. But for various reasons, sometimes, even high-quality paint does not last that long.


It’s always better to repaint your walls before they show undeniable signs of neglect such as major peeling or painted portions cracking. In short, you have to pay attention to small details that will tell you that an office repainting is in order:


  1. If the color of your walls is fading. After several years, even the brightest colors of paint will fade; this is because of the exposure to sunlight. Once you notice a considerable amount of fading, it’s time to call a professional painting company.


  1. If the walls have stains that are quite difficult to remove. Sometimes, your walls would have dirty smudges that are impossible to remove. In using tough cleaning products to remove these stains, you also risk damaging your walls. In this case, it would be better to have a fresh paint applied to the walls instead.


  1. If the caulking in your walls shows signs of deterioration. Caulks were designed to last for a long time, and the minute it showed signs of cracking or hardening, it might just be the perfect time for a new paint.


  1. If you want to update your style. Sometimes, all you need is the desire for a change. Colors can also greatly affect moods, so with the right choice of color, you can even boost the mood of your employees.

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Basic Types of Paint

If you are a hands-on business owner, you might be excited about choosing the paint colors you want to be used for your place of business. You might be thrilled in visualizing what your commercial property would look like after the painting job is completed.


While picking the right colors is important, knowing your choices when it comes to types of paint you could use for your business can help you in deciding which ones you want for specific areas. You might be surprised that some paint would be ideal for the bathroom but not for the ceiling, and vice versa. In addition, if you know the differences between each paint type, you would know how to take care of them the right way; thus prolonging their good condition and great appearance.


Here are some of the basic types of paint you should know about:


Primer – Primer can come in an oil-based or water-based form. It is used in raw materials as a base paint before applying the actual paint you want to be used. It protects the surface and makes the actual paint look better and smoother once applied.


Matte Paint – Also referred to as flat paint, matte paint really look good and can be mixed into nearly any color you can imagine. However, matte paint is usually applied to areas that don’t actually expect much of foot traffic or areas that are not in direct contact with anyone, such as ceilings. This is because matte paint gets dirty easily and can be quite difficult to clean.


Eggshell Paint – Extremely durable and a bit glossier than matte paint, eggshell paint is another popular choice of paint. Eggshell paint is easy to clean, and most surfaces painted with it would just call for casual wiping to remove stains. Eggshell paint is good for areas with high traffic.


Gloss and Satin Paint – As the name implies, gloss and satin paint is glossy or satin-like. It is very hard wearing and is basically waterproof. Walls painted with gloss and satin can easily be wiped down to clean. And since it has waterproof properties, it is suitable for areas where you can expect moisture or water exposure, such as bathrooms.


Signs of a High Quality Painting Service

Signs that you have found ‘the one’ isn’t just important when it comes to your love life, it can also be quite significant in choosing professional home or commercial painters.


So, how do you know that you have found that one professional painting company that would give you high-quality service?


Among the signs you should look out for is the courtesy of the contractor. You would be in direct communication with this professional as you have to describe exactly what you want. When you have interviewed a painting contractor with respect not only to what you have to say but also to your time – which means they are never late – it could be a sign that they are the one.


Another sign of a high-quality painting service is a solid and firm background in the field of home or business painting. Of course, no matter how nice and respectful your contractor is, it would not have a significant impact if the contractor is not experienced or skillful.


An accommodating contractor who answers all your questions is another sign. The contractor is capable of answering your questions shows skill – this means that you can depend on them to do the job right, the first time.


A list of satisfied clients they have previously worked for is also a sign of a possible high-quality service. Once the contractor has provided you with references, you can ask these past clients about their feedback; or, if the clients would permit, you could even see the finished job yourself for you to have an idea of the level of service you would receive.


The contractor who cleans up after the painting task is a sign of a good quality service. This shows that the contractor doesn’t only respect you, but respects your home as well. A great painting contractor would instinctively know that you want your home clean, or at least organized, after a painting job.