Caring for Your Painted Walls

A wall with high-quality painting will always be more pleasing to lay eyes on than a dusty, dirty, or dull – looking wall, therefore, you should know how to properly take care of the walls in your office. After all, your business represents you as an individual. Additionally, a painted wall properly cared for will last longer than a wall that is neglected.


  • Furniture placed against the wall could leave ugly marks. It is hard to maintain the office furniture at least an inch away from the painted wall at all times, so the best that you can do to avoid these marks is to attach rubber bumpers on the backs of your furniture placed directly against the wall.


  • Use vacuums to clean your walls. Most of the time, we only notice the accumulated dust on our walls when they become cobwebs or dirty smudges. Vacuums are excellent in getting rid of dust that would ordinarily be hard for us to miss. Use a soft vacuum brush to make sure your wall won’t be damaged.


  • Wipe your painted walls regularly with soft, damp cloth or damp sponge – don’t wait until you see stains on your walls.


  • If the business you own involves a busy kitchen area, make sure to remove grease and other germs from the walls by wiping them down with a sponge and warm, soapy water. Afterward, rinse the walls thoroughly with water – otherwise, your walls will become sticky. Once rinsed, dry the walls using a paper towel or a soft, dry cloth.


  • Don’t go trying harsh chemicals to remove stains. When you notice a stain on your wall, avoid applying harsh products such as trisodium phosphate – these could harm your walls. Test the product first on a hidden area to ensure that it is safe to be used. Use the chemical sparingly.